Receiver Email

The email address of the PayPal account that will be receiving the funds.

Item Name

What should we call the item at checkout?

Item Price

Enter the price of the item that the user shall pay.

Item Currency

What currency should the user pay in?

Item Language

What language should the checkout page be in?

Item Quantity

How many of the item is the user paying for?

Success Return

Enter the URL users should visit after payment.

Cancel Return

Enter the URL users should visit if they cancel.

Return Button Text

When the user successfully submits payment, what should the button to come back to your site say?

Notification URL

If you have an IPN set up, enter its URL. Leave blank otherwise.

Custom Field

If you want to add more info, enter it here. Leave blank otherwise.

Select Button

Please click on the button you wish to use for the checkout form below.